We started thinking about making our own mallet head after discouvering and using the “one bolt” technique, presented by “JOL” in the league of bikepolo forums. We wanted to do a classic head with smart solution allowing a quickly installation switch on the ski-pole.
We also wanted to use the material we discovered through the Milwaukee players: the PE-UHMW or PE-1000. We like his density and its durability.

The goal of our first prototype was to optimize the fixation of the head on the stick. We made a ridge in the middle in a way the stick won’t move or loosen. As on the Milwaukee’s head we reinforce the ends to avoid too much deformation with time:

In the second prototype, we tried to make the head thinner and tried some new shapes for the holes. Using plain rod of uhmw also allow us to make a cap “in the mass”:

We use theses heads during the 2011 world’s championships in Seattle. It did work pretty well (Geneva teams finished 4th and 5th) but in some of the thinner heads the holes and their shape was a weak point, allowing deformation in some cases.

In the “Simple” final model we resolve this making the head thinner but without any hole, we also exagereted the ends to minimise even more the deformation. We introduce a custom bolt to make the mounting process easier.

And finally we found that the walls was so thin that we can stick our sticker on the inside. This is funny: